Nutrition: Online Program


You'll get tired of fad diets and miracle pills and potions and learn these two truths...

* A truly balanced diet is based around REAL FOODS!
* You simply can't out train a BAD DIET.

A great concept, but in reality, very few people have the knowledge or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy…until now

Playmaker U Online Nutrition is here to help! While other systems email you a list of foods, or help you count calories…

Our patent-pending system uses a radical new approach, working with you like YOUR OWN PRIVATE DIETITIAN to help you create completely balanced meal plans using YOUR favorite foods with the right amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. As well as all the critical micronutrients such as cholesterol, fiber, sodium, etc.

Whether trying to shed pounds for lifestyle, or gain a few for performance...Playmaker U Online Nutrition coupled with your Playmaker U training is the answer.



For a two week free trial: contact                                                          

After your free 2 week trial, Playmaker U offers two packages:

Basic Package $15.00/month:

Un-Monitored Online Nutrition Program

Meal plan customized to your goals and nutritional needs that have all of the content you need, and most importantly, are delicious.

*Available to ANYONE! Not just PlaymakerU clients.

Monitored Package $30.00/month:
All the benefits of the basic package plus weekly accountability.

    We go in and check your account every week to make sure you are on track!
    We will offer nutritional suggestions in potential negative situations you may not recognize.
    Unlimited email support.

Monitored Package; all the benefits of the basic package plus weekly accountability
Un-monitored Online Nutrition Program Available to anyone; Not just Playmaker U clients.