M.A.C.H. Speed

Learn how to run correctly, and you'll be surprised at how fast you can move! Get out on the track and let loose with us.
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Making. Acceleration. Constant. Habit.  Fast athletes rule the day!  There is no dynamic sport that speed doesn't compliment.  Using track & field training methods, we've got a 9 week program aimed to get you fast by improving your top speed.


Ages: 10+

Times:  5pm-6:30pm

Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Duration:  June 13 - August 10 2013

Price:  $315.00 


Each day will run at Strathcona Athletic Park track (barring inclement weather).  On rainy or cold days we're at the Playmaker U facility.  Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates.



    • On-track outdoor sprint training
    • Groups divided by age
    • Filmed sessions for technique review
    • Smart Speed electronic timing system
    • Emphasis on core strength
    • Focus on footwork