High Performance



Open to ages ten (8) and up the High Performance program improves the

dynamic movement, coordination and explosive capability of athletes in all levels and all sports.

Training programs are tailored specifically to the athlete's sport(s) and position by PMU Director

of Athlete Performance as well as PMU's performance trainers.



● movement and speed testing and re-evaluation

● real-time electronic timing using the Smart Speed system

● competitive atmosphere

● unique cutting edge dynamic function training equipment

● individually customized training programs/periodization schedules

Learn how to run correctly, and you'll be surprised at how fast you can move! Get out on the track and let loose with us.
Intro to PMU High Performance training. No weight room emphasis, all acceleration, explosive plyometrics and agility . Ages 8+ are eligible.
All sports, all genders, all positions. Driven young athletes learn right the first time at PMU and never lose it. Ages 8-12 eligible.
Ask yourself, "Would I be a better player if I was faster, more explosive, and stronger?" Next question would be what are you waiting for. Athletes age 13+ of all sports please.
1 on 1 personal training in sport specific movements, S.A.Q, strength, explosive power and flexibility. Fully customized schedule and strength program individually.