Looking to work on your game this summer? the U comes to YOU! 


Academy Lite brings a 8 week summer training program to prime and prep you for the upcoming preseason of fall football PMU will utilize local field, and track spaces to get you ready for your fall season like only we can.


Athletes have the option of a customized strength program in addition to the movement component, with the option to implement it at PMU's facility under our guidance, or at a weight room / fitness studio of your choice.



    • On field speed and agility work
    • Running efficiency
    • Footwork and coordination
    • Reactive training and change of direction
    • Core development
    • Plyometric explosion building
    • Customized strength training phases by position and player
    • Fully electronic testing pre and post Academy
    • Testing data compiled into reports for each athlete



    Pre-season training outside in the sun! Come prepare for your season in your own back yard. Come find out what summer prep is all about, and takes players from good to great!