Football Academy


In football if you're not getting're getting worse.


 Playmaker U's football academy is the national leader in preparation for the next level of football for each respective level. By combining performance training with skill development, with high level trainers and coaches we have found a recipe and culture for our athletes in which they truly thrive and grow as players. 


Each level (Atom, Peewee, Bantam, High School, Elite, Master class) has positional skill sessions built into each week of their program, and implemented by high level University players of various programs who have graduated from this very academy, or by PMU senior staff of pro's each with 10+ years of CFL experience at a minimum. Strength, speed, agility and explosion programs are built by Athletic director Kamau Peterson, a Grey cup champion, multiple CFL All-star and league Most Outstanding Canadian, and will be implemented by PMU certified trainers, program alums, as well as PMU senior staff.


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For those willing to commit to the game at its highest levels and see where that takes you. Minimum 4 day / week. Program and session trainers for this program will be PMU Director Kamau Peterson himself.