Archery Tag

 Know anybody you'd like to shoot with arrows?...Here's your chance. You're welcome.


Corporate team building, stag and doe parties, a night out with friends...even date nights are perfect for Archery Tag at PMU. We are the first to bring this exciting survival game to the Edmonton region, and it's fitting. Our athletes work hard during the week, and play just as hard on the weekends and you should too!


The objective of archery tag is to “tag” members of the other team with your foam-tipped arrows. When an arrow hits a player, the participant is eliminated from the game. While removing members of the opposing team stacks the odds in your favor, your ultimate goal is to knock out the five centers on the spot-target located on the competitors’ side.


Age Restrictions

Players must be at least 10 years old to play Archery Tag – no exceptions! Although this is not a dangerous game, players must still sign a waiver before each game. If the player is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the waiver giving the child permission to play. For players seeking survivalist game play aged 8-12, please check out BATTLEZONE


Ways To Play

There are several ways to play Archery Tag. One popular method is by points. You receive points for hits to both other players and the spot-target. Keeping up with the score in such a fast-paced game is difficult, so a referee is often present to keep track. For each opposing player you eliminate and spot target hit, you receive ten points. Eliminating all players or clearing the spot target gets you an additional twenty points.

A more simple way to play Archery Tag is to judge a win on these three basic criteria:


  1. Whichever team eliminates all the players on the opposing team.
  2. The team with the fewest centers missing from their spot-target in the allotted time.
  3. The team that knocks out all five spots on the opposing target first.

You’re Out!

You are “out” of the game if you are hit by the foam-tipped arrow on any part of the body besides the head. An Archery Tag player can also be disqualified if he or she breaks any of the game rules.

Playing The Game

To start the game, each player has a recurve bow made specifically for Archery Tag and a face mask to protect their eyes and face. The two teams are put on opposite sides of the playing field, with a safety zone in the middle. Prior to the match, arrows are placed in this safety zone for retrieval, and no shooting is allowed in this zone during the entirety of the game. Additionally, of course, players are not allowed to cross this barrier to enter the opposing team’s territory. If you break this rule and encroach on enemy territory, you are automatically disqualified from the game.


The Archery Tag arrows have foam tips for safety, and managing your inventory of Archery Tag arrows in an important part of the overall game strategy. If you run out of arrows, your only hope in becoming a dominant player is either to catch an arrow shot by the other team, retrieve a missed shot, or have a teammate give you one of their arrows.

In order to bring a player back into the game after he or she has been eliminated, you must hit a spot-target or catch an arrow mid-air from one of the opposing team members. Be careful, though, because missing the catch will mean you are eliminated, as well!

Each high-intensity game lasts only a maximum of seven minutes, and can include up to two game rounds. The game ends officially when one team has managed to eliminate all the players on the opposing team, or has hit all five spot-targets. The fast-paced speed of Archery Tag keeps players on their feet and moving at all times. Although the games are quick, the active pace is designed for high-energy players.

Referee Commands

There are a few basic commands in Archery Tag that will be called by the referee. When players hear “Archers at base!” they should be alert and ready, with all playing gear on and arrows lined up in the safety zone. With the call of “Game on!” begins and players rush to center to grab the archery tag arrows.

When a referee yells, “You’re out!” it can mean that an arrow has hit a player or that a player broke one of the game rules and has been disqualified from play. When a player gets called “out” they must step out or the arena and stand at the back of his or her home team base.

When a round of archery tag is complete, the referee will yell, “Round over!” There can be up to two rounds per game. When this call is made, move back to the starting position. To end the game, the referee will announce, “Game over”. At this signal, players deposit all equipment back at the team base and exit the arena.


Archery Tag Equipment

Archery Tag equipment is only available for commercial purchase and used by licensed locations. You can, however, purchase archery equipment from S.A.F.E Archery. S.A.F.E. Archery stands for Students and Families Enjoying Archery. Archery tag arrows, bows, arm protection straps, bow holders, and additional archery supplies are available for purchase. While these may not be used in the game arena, they are great for practice and learning how to use the official Archery Tag equipment.Bow Arrows Mask and Foam Tips for Archery Tag

Official Game Equipment

An official Archery Tag game location will have the following equipment for rent:

  • Arm Guards
  • Face Masks
  • Archery Tag Bows
  • Archery Tag Foam-Tipped Arrows

How to shoot a bow and arrow

What Should Players Wear?

Although there are no official uniforms required in Archery Tag, players in athletic gear will have a competitive edge over players that wear more constricting clothing or unsecured footwear. Athletic shoes allow the quick movements you need to succeed in this fast-paced game. As with other active team-based games, gym shorts and comfortable athletic tee shirts are usually best.

Archery Tag Tactics and Strategies

How to win at archery tag

Using the obstacles provided on the course is key to winning Archery Tag. While each layout may be different, these barriers block you from incoming arrows while also giving you a valuable vantage point for shooting out the opposing team’s spot-targets.

Best Ways To Win

As in other competitive team games like dodge ball, paintball, and laser tag, you must play to your team’s strengths for each game. Speed may be the best way to win for your team, or if you have more accurate shooters, you may find that shooting out the five spot-target points will get you to a quicker victory. If your teammates are quick and agile, catching incoming arrows may help you defeat the opposing team.

It’s All About Fun!

Archery Tag is a team sport, and recognizing and playing to your teammates’ different abilities is a great way to win the game. Although winning feels good, remember that having fun is the main purpose of Archery Tag. You may not be the most skilled player when you first begin Archery Tag, but with a little practice and a lot of determination, you can quickly become one of the best Archery Tag players around!

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